"The miracle of the appropriateness of the language of mathematics for the formulation of the laws of physics is a wonderful gift which we neither understand nor deserve."
- Eugene Wigner
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Colby NBO Tutorial

Hendrik Zipse (LMU-Muenchen, Germany)

Patricia Hunt (Imperial College, London)

Angel Martin Pendas (Univ. Oviedo, Spain)

Alan Spivey (Imperial College, London)

J.P. Hagon (U. Newcastle)

Eric Clot (U. Montpellier)
    (Introduction to NBO)

Bernie Kirtman (UCSB)

Kit Cummins (MIT)

B. Rudshteyn/V.S. Batista (Yale)

Jay Shore (S. Dak. St.)

Piotr Wojciechowski (Warsaw)

John Keller (U. Alaska-Fairbanks)

Igor Alabugin (Florida St. Univ.)

LABFAMA Orca/NBO Tutorial (UAM Azcapotzalco, Mexico)

Alan Shusterman (Reed College) "Spartan tip"

Jmol NBO visualizations

Chemcraft NBO visualizations

Multiwfn NBO visualizations (in Chinese) "How to Visualize NBO on Gauss View?"

Molden output conversion to NBO .47 file

Toshi Nagata, Meijo Univ. (in Japanese)

Niko Prasetyo, Gadjah Mada Univ. (in Indonesian)

Chem 106, "Advanced Organic Chemistry" lectures (Harvard)

Chem 344, "Computational Molecular Modeling" video lectures (UW-Madison)


IUPAC Gold Book

Joaquin Barroso Blog

Ross McKenzie Blog

NNNNS Chemistry Blog

Jim Kress Blog

Michael Evans (Ga. Tech)
     Localized MOs and NBO Theory
     NBO Analysis of Methane
     Shapes of Natural Bond Orbitals
     Polarization and Relative Energies
     Orbital Theory Doesn't Have to Suck

Henry Rzepa "The Winnower"

Anna Krylov "Q-Chem Lab4-NBO"

Dani Setiawan (SMU), "Advance Natural Bond Orbital (NBO) Analysis""

Schrödinger's Kitten "How to install NBO on Mac OS X Yosemite"

     "NMR-NBO Tutorial"
     "NBO analysis: adfnbo, gennbo"

Lindqvist Blog: "N/EDA in GAMESS. Running NEDA"

El-Shafie A. Gad (Egyptian Petroleum Research Unit): "Natural bond orbitals (NBOs)" (in Arabic)

M. A. Hashmi (Wisdom Center)
     "Tutorial 12: Natural Bond Orbitals (NBOs) Calculation in Gaussian"
     "Tutorial 13: Natural Bond Orbitals NBOs Data Analysis"

Alexander Boldyrev
Alkaline earth octacarbonyl complex
Alkane stereochemistry
Anomeric effect
Aufbau principle
Aza-Cope rearrangement
Bent's rule
Bioorthogonal chemistry
Boranylium ions
Chalcogen bond
Chemical bond
Chemical structure
Coinage metal N-heterocyclic carbene complexes
Conformational isomerism
Covalent bond
Chalcogen bond
Dihydrogen cation
18-Electron rule
Estuarine acidification
Gallium monoiodide
Frank A. Weinhold
Germanium(II) dicationic complexes
Germanium(II) hydrides
Hugo Stintzing
Hydrogen bond
Inorganic chemistry/Chemical bonding/Hybridization
Jack D. Dunitz
Lewis acidic antimony compounds
Lewis structure
Ligand field theory
Lone pair
Metal aquo complex
Molecular orbital
Mulliken population analysis
Natural bond orbital
Natural resonance theory
N-heterocyclic silylene
Noble gas
Nontrigonal pnictogen compounds
Orbital hybridization
Octet rule
Organoactinide chemistry
Partial charge
Periodic table
Per-Olov Löwdin
Phosphirenium ion
Pi electron donor-acceptor
Selenate selenite
Sigma electron donor-acceptor
Sigma-pi and equivalent-orbital models
Steric effects
Sulfur dioxide
Three-center four-electron bond
Trivalent group 14 radicals
Tungsten hexafluoride
VSEPR theory
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NBO 7.0 Program Citation

NBO 7.0. E. D. Glendening, J, K. Badenhoop, A. E. Reed, J. E. Carpenter, J. A. Bohmann, C. M. Morales, P. Karafiloglou, C. R. Landis, and F. Weinhold, Theoretical Chemistry Institute, University of Wisconsin, Madison (2018).

New features of the NBO 7.0 Program

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Didactic Introductions to NBO Concepts

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Comparisons with Other Methods


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Pseudo Jahn-Teller Theory

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Natural Hybrid and Bond Orbitals

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Natural Atomic Orbitals and Natural Population Analysis

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Natural Localized Molecular Orbitals

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Resonance Natural Bond Orbitals

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Open-Shell NBO

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Natural Resonance Theory

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Other NBO Keyword Options

Natural Bond-Bond Polarizability (NBBP):
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Natural Energy Decomposition Analysis (NEDA):
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Natural Chemical Shielding Analysis (NCS):
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Natural J-Coupling Analysis (NJC):
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Natural Bond Critical Point Analysis (NBCP):
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Natural Poly-Electron Population Analysis (NPEPA):

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Comprehensive Reviews of NBO Methods

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Comprehensive Treatise on NBO Theory and Applications

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Practical Handbook of NBO Methods

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